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Eliminate damage possibilities with efficient roofing solutions
Eliminate damage possibilities with efficient roofing solutions

While constructing buildings or structures, many essential components have to be taken care of, in order to produce an efficient infrastructure. If ignored, these will cause issues in the manufactured structures which can lead to further damages. Processes like waterproofing is done while construction so as to avoid damages like insect infestation, mold and in some cases building failures.
 Waterproofing is a method done so as to prevent water from penetrating into your house or building, thereby keeping it dry. Rain or water getting clogged in the roof, can lead to water seepage which can be prevented by the technique of waterproofing. Waterproofing systems can be installed efficiently, using different methods which will help reduce the humidity inside the building and thereby protect belongings inside the structure from humidity or water exposure and increases the veracity of the building.
 Waterproofing helps prevents unwanted moisture to seep into the building but allow the mold to grow. It avoids the damage caused by water seepage thereby upholding the structural integrity of the building. We at White Metal Contracting LLC, are one among the most reliable water proofing companies in UAE providing repair and maintenance of roofs in an efficient way. It can be done on roof seams, fasteners and joints by applying coats which will not split or become brittle. Our services in water proofing are provided effectively according to the user requirements in a cost efficient manner.
 We also provide supply of gypsum partition in UAE, which are generally used for walls and ceilings and consist of a non-combustible core. The advantages of gypsum boards include fire resistance and sound isolation which makes them a reliable option in the construction of office spaces. They provide ease of installation and can be easily assembled and finished with a few tools. They are often used to construct strong high quality walls and ceilings with excellent dimensional stability and durability, which can be easily decorated and refinished.
 We make sure that our customers are provided with efficient services and products so as to ensure high level satisfaction which can be reflected to our current and potential customers.