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Roofing & Cladding

We provide roofing and cladding services to projects right across the UAE including the major commercial centres of Dubai & Sharjah

As part of the finishing process, White Metal Contracting (LLC) provides a comprehensive range of roofing and cladding services to complete the installation or refurbish an existing one.

Aesthetics are an important feature of new builds and the front of a building can make a very positive statement. We can provide a cladded frontage or fascia which exudes quality and makes your property stand out from the norm.

About Roofing & Re-Roofing

Whether it is an existing installation or a new build, we undertake all types of roofing and re-roofing works from flat roofing to tiling.

We offer services in emergency repairs, investigation, survey and reports, a full re-roofing service on installations of all sizes and also cleaning and maintenance of roofs and gutters, which can be undertaken as preventative maintenance or reactive maintenance. We offer an unrivalled choice.

About Cladding & Fascias

We provide cladding and fascias to both new builds and existing buildings. We undertake all types of Cladding and Fascia works including over cladding works, the supply and installation of fascias and soffits and the formation of new canopies using a variety of materials including stainless steel and aluminium.

As well as significantly improving the general aesthetics of a building or structure including the surrounding environment, a refurbishment project it is often more economical even when the complete building envelope needs replacing.


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The repair and maintenance of metal roofs has never been easier or more effective. Using on roof seams, fasteners, and other roof joints water tight sealing can be accomplished effectively and economically. Simply apply in a heavy bead over end laps and vertical seams, or in a dollop over defective fasteners is a brush-grade mastic with unique physical properties. Unlike mostasphalt or acrylic coatings, will not crack or become brittle over numerous freeze/ thaw cycles. This unique material actually stretchesand recovers to bridge roof joints in which thermal movement can be expected. With 1500 PSI Tensile Strength and 600% Elongation capabilities, can single handedly tackle most metal repairs is typically stocked and purchased as white in color. Clear is also stocked for skylight panel restoration. White is U.V. Stable but clear PEB Water Proofing is only moderately U.V. Stable.


  • Aluminium Composite Cladding
  • Sandwich panel cladding
  • Roof Cladding
  • Aluminium & Glass
  • Water Proofing
  • Curtain wall & Kitchen Cabinet
  • Rolling Shutter & Dock Leveler
  • Cold Store
  • Steel Structural Buildings
  • Drywall Partitions & False Ceiling
  • Portable Cabin
  • Turn key type Insulated Villa